TSJC Launched New Govt Portal

The Generalitat has decided, through the Procicat, to renounce the implementation of the curfew in Catalonia , after the two blows received last week by the Superior Court of Justice (TSJC). The Government has chosen this Tuesday to extend the containment measures of the covid-19 that were published on August 19, that is, the limitation of attendees to family and social meetings or gatherings.

But rules out continuing with its most controversial restriction, the of nocturnal mobility,that next Friday it will also decline in the 19 municipalities where it was still in force. The measure is parked, then, despite the fact that the ‘president’ of the Generalitat, Pere Aragon├Ęs, had insisted this Monday on his intention to maintain it, because, in his opinion, it was still “necessary” to stop not only the advance of the coronavirus , but also to avoid the crowds of people who have been seen in recent times drinking in the street from bottles.

Thus, if the TSJC endorses it at its next meeting, in Catalonia meetings will continue to be limited, both in the public and private spheres, to a maximum of 10 people , unless they are cohabitants. 70% of the capacity is maintained for attending civil or religious acts and ceremonies, including weddings, worship and funeral ceremonies. These measures will be extended and will be valid for seven days, that is, until September 3.

The resignation to maintain the pulse by the Government is due, according to sources from the Catalan Executive, to the fact that “it is seen that they do not want to understand ” the capital importance, for the course of pandemic control, that has the curfew.