Qualcomm Planning For Affordable Snapdragon Pcs Powered By Its New-Gen Chips

It is not precisely new to see technology giants making a foray into previously uncharted domains. Intel did it earlier by pushing its chips into some Android tablets and phones made by manufacturers like Asus. Now Qualcomm is taking the reverse path, as is clear from the new developments. The company which commands a significant market share in the smartphone segment with its Snapdragon lineup of chips is gearing up to invade the PC segment. It is not exactly the first time the company is making such moves. Earlier, too, it made chipsets aimed at the PCs such as the Snapdragon 850. They used this in premium devices like Surface Pro X as well as the Galaxy Book S, both of which came with steep price tags. Now, Qualcomm wants to make chips to power affordable segment laptops.

The new generation 7C and 8c lineup of processors are aimed at making affordable windows laptops- as per the company claims. The Snapdragon 8cx is the top-end model, and the new 8c sits just below it. The latter is powered by a Kryo 490 octa-core CPU and a capable Adreno 675 GPU made using the 7nm process. The company says the Snapdragon 8C is almost 30 percent faster compared to the Snapdragon 850. It also sports a new X24 gigabit LTE class modem to enhance data download and upload speed. The Snapdragon 7c is powered by a Kryo 468 CPU and a somewhat less powerful Adreno 618 GPU. It is laden with a Snapdragon X15 LTE class modem. The Snapdragon 7c is also very power efficient- as per the company claims.

The Snapdragon 850 chip is likely to get phased out soon. Qualcomm thinks the laptops powered by the Snapdragon 8c  priced under the $799 bracket. They have a plan to use Snapdragon 7C on laptops that are likely to cost below $499-which will be aimed at the education sector. The CPUs will have a fanless design and work on always connected, always-on basis. However, Qualcomm needs to work on Software compatibility issues on windows platform.

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