The Government Team Presents Its Ambitious Budget Proposal the Year 2022 as the Year Of Investments


The mayor believes that it is time to look to the future with ambition and the government team has presented “one of the most powerful budgets in history.”

In the words of Olatz Peon, “2022 will be the year of investments”, in order to promote recovery and reactivation and respond to the commitments made in this legislature. The budget proposal is already in the hands of the opposition so that it can make its contributions.

Tolosa will manage a budget of 34,160,262 euros, 26.35% more than this year. Special mention should be made of the investment section, which will have more than 6 million euros, 5.4 million more than in 2021.

Likewise, 34.3% of the total budget (11,694,947) will be allocated to municipal services for improve and strengthen the letter of services and 31% (10,884,747) to human resources.

Social welfare and equality will be two of the priorities of the government team. With a budget of more than 3 million euros, the home care service (935,000 euros), the socio-educational and psychosocial service (460,000), emergency aid (247,520), aid to families (180,000), the center social, social commerce and community housing (166,000) and the Day Care Service (165,000).

In 2022 the work of the home of the passerby Abegi (368,000) will also be undertaken and the work of the House of Women (345,000) will materialize

Another priority will be the promotion of culture. In addition to maintaining the usual programming, the Tolosa Plazara and Tolofolk festivals are consolidated.

The digital transformation and the strengthening of the urban economy with the help of European Next Generation funds will be another of the bets. The special fairs will be recovered and the Azoka Lagunak project will be reinforced.

With the aim of creating a friendlier Tolosa that advances towards the energy transition, the main investments will be directed to those projects that improve the well-being of citizens.

The redevelopment of Zumartxikia (500,000), the third phase of Usabal (960,000), the renovation of the Gorriti square, Barrena street and the Emperor 37 façade (544,000), the new roof in Amaroz (484,000), the fourth phase of the bullring (820,000), the works to improve accessibility at the train station from the center (100,135) and the reform of one of the squares on Avenida de Álava (100,000).

Likewise, new solar panels will be installed in municipal buildings and led lights, in public lighting, in municipal buildings and on the road to Txarama. Finally, as a development of the Agenda 2021 project, the School of Biodiversity will be launched.