Amazon Launches To Conquer Fashion With Physical Stores And High-Tech Changing Rooms


Amazon is advancing in its plan to conquer all dimensions of commerce and enter new sectors. Now, the retail giant wants to open physical stores where it can sell its own clothing brands , thus increasing its recognition among the general public and reducing the number of returns.

The first stores, which would be near San Francisco and Columbus (Ohio), could open their doors next year, although at the moment they are all speculation.

According to The Wall Street Journal , Amazon bets on technology as an essential part of the shopping experience in its physical stores. Among the ideas that have been considered, is that customers scan the QR code of the garments they want to try on through an app and it is the employees who take these items to the fitting rooms . These, in turn, will be equipped with a touch screen with which the customer can order more clothes or see recommendations based on their selection. In the future, employees could be replaced by robots.

It is not the first time that the retail giant has committed to technology in its stores, as in the case of its stores without an Amazon Go cashier , where the items that customers take from the shelves are registered and are charged through an app when leaving the establishment. A technology that Amazon already sells to other retailers.

Fashion tends to give higher profit margins than other items and Amazon knows this, which is why it has focused on increasing its clothing sales. In just five years, it has gone from having one brand to more than 100 and it has become the largest clothing seller in the United States , ahead of Walmart, according to a report from Wells Fargo. However, the luxury fashion segment is still holding out.

The new American department stores?
While some of the most iconic department stores in the United States, such as Sears, are closing stores, Amazon plans to open its own department store .

In its department stores, the retail giant will prioritize the sale of household items, electrical devices, the aforementioned clothing lines and much more, from its own brands . However, it will also sell products from the main brands in these segments.

According to The Wall Street Journal , Amazon department stores will have a surface area less than usual for this type of establishment, almost 3,000 m² .

Amazon opened its first brick-and-mortar store, a bookstore in Seattle, in 2015. Today, the retail giant currently has more than 20 bookstores across the United States, as many 4-star stores – where it sells electronics and kitchen products. – and several Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh.

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