New Method Used By Thieves To Enter Your House Without Forcing Lock


Agents belonging to the Specialized and Violent Crime Unit of the Provincial Brigade of Judicial Police of the Higher Police Headquarters of La Rioja have detected the use of a new method to open doors without forcing the locks . The system is known as ‘impressioning’.

The Higher Police Headquarters of La Rioja within the framework of the Prevention Campaign of the General Directorate of the Police ‘ Plan against theft in homes and storage rooms ‘ warns of one of the procedures to access the homes using the ‘impressioning’ method .

This method consists of placing deformable aluminum sheets inside the lock so that the marks of the owner’s key are printed and later, with a master key , to be able to open the door without any opposition and without leaving traces that indicate that the door has been forced.

At the national level, together with ‘ bumping’, it is the procedure most currently used by internationally organized groups that are dedicated to committing robberies with force in homes on an itinerant basis throughout the national territory, to obtain copies of the keys without having to have the original, without leaving a trace or picking the locks.

These two methods are very characteristic because with both you can obtain copies of the keys without having to have the original and without leaving any remains or forcing the locks, which facilitates impunity for criminals and makes it difficult to investigate the thefts committed with them. procedures.

The system known as ‘impressioning’ basically consists of introducing deformable aluminum rods in the lock so that, when the tenant inserts his key, a “mold” is formed that remains inside the lock . Then, with a skeleton key that fits the shape of this mold, the thieves manage to open the door.

This is how ‘bumping’ works
With the so-called ‘bumping’ system, the lock cylinders are unlocked by lightly tapping a special key with a blunt object.

In the latest operations carried out by this Higher Headquarters, numerous tools, lock picks and deformable aluminum rods have been seized with which the criminals accessed the homes.

In addition, the National Police warns of various methods used by thieves to find out if the door of the house is opened regularly or, on the contrary, is closed for days.

‘Sneaks’ to detect doors that do not open
These methods are basically the following, starting with the installation of small wooden sticks supported between the floor and the door, which fall when the door is opened. Their stay in the original position reveals that the door would not have been opened.

They go unnoticed, like another method, which is the installation of small transparent plastic clips , between the door and the door frame.

More sophisticated is the last of the cases, consisting of the use of silicone or glue threads that join the door with the jamb, since they can look like a kind of spider web and go unnoticed. In this case, it breaks when opened, which gives clues to the offender that there are people living in the house.

We must also be selective when opening the doors of the block and do it only to the people we have identified, as well as always lock the door when leaving.

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