Human Chain So That The Mar Menor Has Legal Protection


It is a “personal duel” for the thousands of people who this morning have formed the human chain bordering the Mar Menor. Indignation, sadness and, above all, hope of being able to recover this unique ecosystem were the main reasons that have led vacationers and residents to wear black and join the human chain that has been seen for kilometers on the beaches of the riverside towns and some points of La Manga, reports La Opinion de Murcia . In Los Alcázares, near the Plaza del Espejo, the protesters were forced to form a double line.

‘Ríos-persona’: the new weapon to protect the environment
One of the objectives of this meeting, convened by the ILP del Mar Menor platform, was to collect signatures to obtain the legal status of this salty lagoon and make its situation visible. They assure that the signatures have increased in recent days, in June they already had 300,000 signatures, of the 500,000 they need, and they have 680 businesses throughout Spain collecting them.

In Los Alcázares, the volunteers collected signatures to the sound of a batucada and informed the numerous neighbors who asked for a t-shirt or flag that was sold out . “It is normal that we cry for our Mar Menor, but once this is done we have to take action. We are every day, at 8:00 am picking upsignatures in the mirror square of Los Alcázares “, says Jesús Cutillas, ILP volunteer and one of the organizers.

Most of the links that made up the chain were elderly people and parents who did not stop recounting the good memories they have from childhood of this lagoon and how much they regret that future generations cannot enjoy it as they did. “There are people in all the communities signing. It has struck a chord with everyone because it is our sea.

There is no politics here, there is an environment” -said to LA OPINIÓN, shocked Rocío García, an elderly woman in the chain who has spent 40 years spending the summer in Los Alcázares- “The Mar Menor is the very life of Murcians and Madrid residents. It is an environmental hole. What are we going to leave for our children and grandchildren?”

Murcia asks that the Mar Menor be declared a catastrophic zone
The protesters believe that this chain is an appeal that is causing people to become more and more sensitized. “I hope that as we make the effort to come, it will serve to make the Mar Menor visible and that politicians take action,” says Beatriz del Rey, who is part of the human chain on the shore of the lagoon, along with her husband and children. , all dressed in black, with black umbrellas and SOS Mar Menor banners.

They are from Madrid, but they have spent their entire lives vacationing in Los Alcázares and she is saddened that her children had to see the dead fish. “The fish that have survived are poisoned , because now they swim slower. I can touch them, ” says her 9-year-old daughter Beatriz.

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