Kabul Explosion In Airport Turns To Full Evacuation


The Taliban promised that their return to power would mean a return to normalcy, but in Afghanistan that means terror. Thursday, when thousands of people crowded at the airport in Kabul trying desperately to flee the country.

There have been two strong explosions that left a trail of deaths. Some media such as the BBC, which cited official health sources, estimated the dead at 60 and the injured at 140. A third explosion took place hours later in Kabul, causing dozens of victims, reports EFE, with which the final death toll could be much higher.

The Pentagon reported that at least 13 US soldiers were killed in the attacks. An emergency hospital in the Afghan capital has reported receiving up to 30 people with injuries, while six others died on the way to the center.

Sources from the Ministry of Defense have confirmed that there are no casualties or injuries among the Spanish military deployed at the Kabul airport, reports Juan José Fernández.

The first two detonations took place near one of the airport gates and in the vicinity of the Hotel Baron, where the British register the requests of Afghans who want to take refuge in the United Kingdom.

The BBC has also reported a shooting in the same area. “We need to ensure that the current instability cannot lead to a resurgence of terrorism,” said the President of the European Council, Charles Michel , in a premonitory warning.

The conquest of Kabul by the Taliban triggered an agonizing countdown: the jihadists allowed until August 31 for the allied forces to evacuate their personnel and leave the country. The military withdrawal from Washington has led to a chaotic situation.

Leading thousands of Afghans to approach the airport in an attempt to seek a better life away from the new fundamentalist regime. The images of citizens getting on the wings of the plane and falling from them in flight went around the world.

On Tuesday, the Taliban spokesman, Zabihulá Mujahid , assured that the deadline agreed with Washington would not be extended and prohibited Afghans from accessing the airport. Leaving the country was reserved only for foreign powers, which in recent hours have rushed to withdraw all their personnel from Afghanistan due to the evident deterioration.

Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Canada and the Netherlands have closed the evacuation this Thursday, while France has ensured that it will end the maneuvers on Friday, something that Spain could also do.

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