UOC Rejected University in Social Interactions


In addition, these sources maintain, the tug of war with the TSJC ends up causing interference, between curfew requests and rejections of this restriction, in communication to the citizen. “Ultimately, [the judges] not only act as epidemiologists, but also make communication more complex,” says this voice.

Beyond the political part, it should be noted that the decision not to appeal has also been advised by the legal services that, surely, should not have warned better arguments than those already rejected by the TSJC.

Concerned about the imminent return to work and the next return to the classroom, the doctor and researcher at the Open University of Cataunya (UOC) and the University of Leicester. Salvador Macip, alerted this newspaper this Monday that “right now it is a mistake to lower the measures .

The curfew, as uncomfortable as it may be, has been very effective in minimizing social interactions and reducing infections. Eliminating it now could be counterproductive , above all because we need to get to autumn with the best possible conditions, “he argued.

“We need to consolidate and reinforce the prevention and control measures that we already have. If the bottles and crowds are prohibited, we must put means to enforce this restriction .

The images of the crowded neighborhood parties show that many have lost their fear to the virus “, commented, for his part, Antoni Trilla, head of the Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology Service of the Hospital Cl√≠nic de Barcelona.

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