SEPE Warning: New Requirement To Collect Unemployment Benefit


The unemployment benefit is one of the most requested aid by citizens to the SEPE (State Public Employment Service), since it is a benefit intended for people who have exhausted their right to unemployment and are still seeking employment.

The SEPE itself has recalled in its profile on the social network Twitter that, since June, the requirements to obtain this benefit have been expanded. Specifically one: potential beneficiaries are now required to carry out an Active Job Search (BAE) in order to qualify for the benefit. In the case of Active Insertion Income, also known as RAI, three job searches are required.

The agency explains that this requirement was provisionally eliminated due to the coronavirus pandemic , but after the improvement in the epidemiological situation and the influence of vaccines it has been resumed, now that it is safer to carry out this type of procedure.

But, what does the Active Job Search consist of? In practice, there is no single action that explains it: it is understood as any of the actions carried out by the citizen and that are focused on finding a job . Among them, the following stand out:

-The presentation or sending of resumes in at least three companies.

-The completion of a job interview.

-Registration in a placement agency.

-Obtaining a job for your own account or for someone else.

-Registration as a job seeker in at least two online portals.

-The presentation of a job offer that has its origin and management in the Public Employment Service.

Apart from this Job Search, applicants must also meet other requirements to be eligible for aid.

Unemployment benefit requirements
-Carry out at least one Active Job Search.

-Lack of the right to unemployment protection of a contributory or welfare nature.

-Have monthly incomes lower than 75% of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary and prove family responsibilities.

-Having involuntarily quit in the last job.

-Not working on their own or someone else’s account or having the contract suspended.

-Not having previously received unemployment benefit.

As reported by the SEPE , this benefit is 451.92 euros per month (80% of the Iprem, the Public Indicator of Multiple Effects Income) and can be collected for 180 days.

Requirements for Active Insertion Income

-Being unemployed and registered as a job seeker during collection and signing the activity commitment.

-Make at least three Active Job Searches.

-Being under 65 years old.

-Have monthly income lower than 75% of the SMI.

-Not being a beneficiary of the benefit during the last 365 days and for more than three occasions prior to the request.

According to the information from the SEPE , the benefit is also 451.92 euros per month (that 80% of the Iprem) and can be received for a period of eleven months.

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