Zaragoza Will Tender New Cleaning Contract For 743 Million Over 10 Years


The Government of Zaragoza has approved the tender for the new cleaning and garbage collection contract with specifications that value the service at 743,528,659 euros for the next ten years, a figure that could reach 772,255,903 euros as a result of the possible modifications contemplated in the specifications themselves.

The agreement will allow to modernize the service with the introduction of new technologies “more efficient and respectful with the environment”, but also to reinforce a good part of the programs “that were reduced in 2012” improving the service in all the neighborhoods and districts of the city.

This was explained at a press conference by the Minister of the Presidency, Finance and Interior of the Zaragoza City Council, María Navarro, after the meeting of the city government, and stressed that this is the second “most voluminous” contract in the municipality, for behind the city bus.

He said that it is a “key” service for Zaragoza “to have a quality of life where the streets are prettier, cleaner, where we want to live” since cleanliness is directly related “to well-being with neighbors” and ” That is why it was very important to tender this contract “, in whose specifications they have worked” conscientiously “, mainly from the Public Service and Mobility Area, Navarro has counted.

Likewise, he has expressed the City Council’s commitment to “streamline” to the maximum the processing in everything that depends on this administration to start implementing a “more efficient, sustainable and modern, less annoying” service, and endowed with a larger budget than the earlier, from 2012, “which suffered significant cuts”, something that the current government team “has tried to alleviate with special reinforcements in neighborhoods and districts.”

From its publication, interested companies will have 50 business days to present their offers. It will be followed by a procedure regarding which the municipal councilor has not wanted to venture when the new contract will end and may enter into force.

The approved specifications contemplate numerous changes, such as a new service to deal with the pandemics. In addition, they include an increase in cleaning during weekends and holidays, with 48 percent more workers, going from 134 to 199, as well as two annual intensive cleaning plans for each neighborhood and specific treatment for bottle areas. Navarro said, who recalled that the latter are prohibited.

Likewise, it includes a reinforcement of cleaning in the environment of the containers and an increase in the means for the removal of excrement on public roads, meeting the needs raised by the people of Zaragoza themselves through previous studies carried out in collaboration with the University Zaragoza, where the need to move towards a service with more sustainable and silent vehicles that generate less inconvenience has also been confirmed.

To this end, the new contract contemplates the incorporation of electric or gas vehicles, with 57 charging points for electric vehicles, and the construction of a CNG supply facility, which will measure the carbon footprint and generate less noise at the time of collect garbage from containers, especially in the case of glass.

The number of collection trucks will go from 56 to 64, almost 15 percent more; container washers from 6 to 8, a 33 percent increase; road sweepers will grow from 11 to 17 vehicles and sidewalk sweepers will grow from 29 vehicles to 37.

In addition, 16 electric tricycles and 25 electric bucket trolleys will be incorporated and the sidewalk scrubbing equipment will increase one hundred percent from four to eight. Likewise, manual flushing equipment goes from three to five, 54 percent of those for mechanical sweeping of roads will increase, 27.5 percent for sidewalks and 33 percent for cleaning container areas.

Other improvements will be the provision of two new viable clearing equipment and eight more pre-collection equipment in the afternoon shift, to ensure the review of the contribution areas of the urban area.

The modernization of the service will make it possible to change the city’s containers, incorporating new technologies with sensors that will measure temperature, overturn and volume, the municipal councilor explained.

He has detailed that this will allow him to permanently monitor all collection routes through a comprehensive management platform, dynamically planning them based on filling and gaining efficiency through the GPS location of all trucks and vehicles.

The new contract also contemplates the creation of a new web application through which detected incidents can be entered to give them a faster response.

Brown container
Navarro has considered that one of the main novelties is the introduction of the collection of organic matter throughout the city with the extension of the brown container and the increase of one hundred percent in the collection equipment of large organic producers.

This commitment to the circular economy will make it possible to advance in the recycling objectives of Zaragoza, which is already the first large city to recycle more than 50 percent of the waste it generates. Containers of organic matter will remain closed with an electronic lock and their opening is foreseen, when technology allows it, with a citizen card or even with a mobile phone.

The municipal councilor recalled that they are currently established in the Actur District and in there are some areas in the center.

The waste collection containers will be renewed, guaranteeing the homogeneity of the design, limiting their height for better access and less visual impact on the street. In addition, the new contract includes the acquisition of more side-loading containers and the ‘igloos’ for glass will be replaced.

The waste containers will be 3,850 compared to the current 3,846, those for light packaging, 2,100 over the current 2,000, the cardboard paper containers will go from 1,800 to 2,100 and the glass ones from 1,780 to 2,100.

In addition, the thousand-liter containers will increase almost 40 percent, from 1,079 to 1,400, 5,000 containers of 240 liters and 600 containers of 120 liters will be acquired. 76 percent of the bins will be renovated – about 6,600 of the existing 9,200 – and it is planned to install 15 new smart compacting bins that will run on solar energy.

The specification also includes a new bulky waste collection service, which will be managed through social entities and a new used oil collection service will also be incorporated.

Navarro has remarked that one of the most important novelties of this contract is the reduction of costs related to industrial profit and general expenses that are attributed to the Zaragoza City Council by companies.

With the endorsement of the Aragón Contracting Advisory Board, these concepts will be reduced from six to three percent in both cases, which will save tens of millions of euros over the life of the contract. Similarly, price revisions will be limited, which, in recent years, have meant a disbursement of tens of millions of euros to the city of Zaragoza, the municipal councilor has confirmed.

As provided by law, there will be no reviews during the first two years and, subsequently, they will be limited by personnel costs, as provided each year in the general state budgets.

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