349 Euros To Recover The Facebook Account


Users whose Facebook account has been blocked have discovered a method to recover it, without having to wait for the company’s technical service.

There are many reasons why we could lose access to our Facebook account, and the most common is that we have been hacked; we may have clicked on a malicious link, or used an insecure password. Be that as it may, Facebook offers methods to recover the account, as long as we demonstrate that it is our property.

However, contacting the technical service to recover an account can become quite an odyssey, precisely because of the large number of requests and the work required to return the account to its true owner. That is, if we manage to access help, something that is not always possible.

That was the case of a user from California, who, according to NPR , had a somewhat curious idea to recover her hacked account: to buy an Oculus Quest 2 , the virtual reality device that costs 349 euros. It seems nonsense, something that cannot help us at all, and yet thanks to that he recovered his account instantly.

Once the device arrived at your home, you looked up its serial number; he then contacted Oculus technical support, entering that number and explaining that his account had been blocked. Oculus employees passed him through the Facebook service, who unlocked his account .

Turns out this is not a new idea; Many users on forums like Reddit claim to have tried the same thing, although not always with success. There are times when they can not convince the technical service , and others when they can; then all they have to do is return the device if they don’t want it and get the money back.

To explain how this works, we must remember that Oculus belongs to Facebook, and that last year it implemented a controversial measure whereby all Oculus accounts had to be associated with a Facebook account . The goal was to make virtual reality a more social experience (and where to show more advertising), but users have taken advantage of this to win an exclusive gateway in technical service.

Facebook has responded to this trend, confirming that it wants to improve technical support and that it plans to invest more in the future, although it states that it has not noticed a growth in the number of hacked accounts.

On the “trick”, the company has not spoken, but it is not recommended to try it if we are in a similar situation; In addition, the Oculus Quest 2 has been withdrawn from sale until August 24, to solve a problem that could cause skin irritation for some users.

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