West Of Palma Tomorrow May Cease To Exist


Everything that stands today in the west of Palma tomorrow may cease to exist. The few images that the retina can capture are the last vestiges of a lifetime for the residents of Todoque (1,279 inhabitants) and Tacande (704), who contemplate helplessly how the memories of a life are burned into basalt rock by the thousands degrees of temperature.

The lava that emanates from the Cumbre Vieja volcano advances at a few centimeters per hour. With such parsimony that the families of the area during the morning still had time to rescue some of their most precious belongings before they were buried forever just a few hours later At the La Laguna crossing.

where the population was evicted since the volcano erupted last Sunday, the Civil Guard escorted a few to their homes, some of them threatened by a tongue of fire that in the morning was less than 30 meters away but in the afternoon it covered everything completely. Adrenaline rushes through the veins of the neighbors as they collect some clothes, photos, electronic devices and tools that can help them rebuild their lives.

All help is little Firefighters, members of the Island Council, the National Police and other members of the forces and bodies of the state come together to work in unison with the neighbors, to rescue the memories and the work of a lifetime.

The volcano continues to roar loudly from the bowels of La Palma, complaining about the amount of magma it still houses inside. However, the ambient sound has changed slightly.

To the intense thud that arises from inside the crater that can already be seen in the area, there are small explosions that emanate from the friction of hot lava with houses or some water basin or swimming pools.

The lava that emanates from the volcano has already engulfed 190 homes in its path, but the authorities expect that there will be a thousand and the damage caused by this runoff of volcanic products amounts to more than 400 million euros before the bed of the great lava flow, which in the last hours has been divided into three languages, reaches the sea.

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