Heart Of The True ‘Braveheart’ Ended Up Thrown In A Town In Malaga


If the movie ‘Braveheart’ is one of your favorites and you did not know this information, as a first curiosity, and to place you, we will explain that ‘Braveheart’ (brave heart) was a simple nickname that King Robert I of Scotland had (in English, Robert The Bruce) and has little or nothing to do with Private Wallace in that movie that meets the wonderful music of James Roy Horner. Well hold on.

The heart of the true ‘Braveheart’, that of Robert I of Scotland – which was also embalmed inside a silver pendant – was thrown in the town of Teba, Malaga . You’ve just completely broken down, right? Well, keep reading.

The heart of Scotland that had a second life in Spain
During the deathbed of Robert I of Scotland, he told his faithful: “bury my body in Scotland and take my heart to Jerusalem” , for which his right hand, Sir James Douglas, swore to comply by ordering that the heart of the king it was embalmed and carried by him in a silver pendant that would not be removed from the neck. To get to Jerusalem, they decided to cross the English Channel where they would reach the port of Seville, a place where King Castile of Alfonso XI ‘el Justiciero’ (1311-1350) would receive him .

This is how Alfonso XI ‘took advantage’ to ask for their help in taking the Castle of the Star in Teba and fighting against the Muslim king of Granada, Muhammad IV. Legend has it that Sir Douglas James or ‘Black Douglas’, as he was also known, during the battle, while galloping to fight, decided to tear off the reliquary that carried the heart of his king from his neck, and throwing it towards the ground of Teba, he shouted: “Now go ahead of us, as you would have wished, and I will follow you or die.”

Sadly, this was how ‘Black Douglas’ died with his men in the middle of the battlefield and the heart of ‘Braveheart ‘ ended up on the ground in this town of Malaga . Furthermore, in the memoirs of King Alfonso XI we also find that he narrates this tragic event by stating that “the Scotsman threw his body against the enemies of the cross.”

After this, the surrender of the Nasrid and the declaration of Muhammad IV to be vassal of the Castilian king in 1331. Both the heart of Robert the Bruce, as that of Sir James Douglas, were guarded by the Muslim soldiers but finally they decided to make them return so that the heart of ‘Braveheart’ would rest in Melrose Abbey and that of Sir James Douglas in the Church of Saint Bride , where they are currently located, also being the Scottish city twinned with Teba since 1989.

What to see in Teba?
This beautiful town located in the heart of the quiet Guadalteba region has an important historical value that we cannot miss. Also, if ‘Braveheart’ is one of your favorite movies, it’s a must-see.

Its medieval past leads us to visit the 12th century Castillo de la Estrella. Declared a National Monument of Historic-Artistic Interest and with a surface area of ​​25,000 meters, it is the largest castle in the province of Malaga .

Teba also has a small Archaeological Museum that brings together important finds found in its municipal area. The Church of the Holy Cross, a baroque work of the master builder of the Cathedral of Seville is another of the essential visits that are complemented by the Convent of San Francisco and its beautiful 15th century façade, and with the hermitages of Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno and of Our Lady of Carmen. Without forgetting the monument to Sir James Douglas located in the Plaza de España of the municipality.

Every year on the 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th of August the “Scottish Days” are celebrated in Teba , medieval-themed parties to help this story not be forgotten and relived to keep it always present because “a noble heart he is never at peace if he lacks freedom. “

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