The Government Recommends A Maximum Speed Of 30 Km / Hour To Spend Tolls Without Barrier


Like TeleTac users, drivers who, starting at 00:00 on this Wednesday, pass through the toll structures of the Generalitat motorways, which are going to be free , must circulate at low speed , about 30 kilometers along hour , if possible, to avoid possible incidents.

This is the recommendation made by the Generalitat (and which would also be applicable to the other two state highways that are being liberalized, the AP-7 and the AP-2, for the next few months.

Meanwhile, the Generalitat plans to approve an emergency work on Tuesday for the dismantling of tolls on the C-33 motorways and the northern section of the C-32 , which will include the conservation of both roads, while resolve the judicial fringes that hang over this issue

The forecast is that the trunk toll structures of these two roads – two on the C-32 north and one on the C-33 – will be completely dismantled before the end of the year and that the secondary tolls at the different entrances and exits of the C-32 north are eliminated during the first half of 2022.

Meanwhile, drivers will be required to pass through the mouths at a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour while the ends of the toll beaches are removed, before diverting traffic to allow for the final removal.

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