A Frenchman Dies After Falling 50 Meters In The Pyrenees


A Frenchman dies after falling 50 meters in the Pyrenees and another 11 mountaineers are evacuated. The 66-year-old man fell in a place located between the Palas and Lavedán hills, in Sallent de Gállego (Huesca). The rest of his group members were flown to Panticosa by helicopter: they were too shocked to do it on foot.

A 66-year-old French citizen has died after suffering a 50-meter fall in a spot between Col Palas and Col Lavedán , in Sallent de Gallego (Huesca), where he was with an organized group whose components, 11 other people from the same nationality, they have been evacuated by the Civil Guard for being shocked.

The events occurred on Friday, when central 062 of the Huesca Civil Guard Operational Center (COS) received a notice at 2:00 p.m. informing that this person had fallen about 50 meters and collided with rocks that had caused multiple injuries. all over the body .

The specialists of the Mountain Rescue and Intervention Team (EREIM) of Panticosa, the Air Unit of Huesca and the nurse from 061 displaced to the place certified injuries incompatible with life and, through a crane cycle, evacuated the deceased and the nurse from the 061 and transferred them to the Panticosa heliport, the Huesca Civil Guard has reported.

They couldn’t get down from the commotion
The professional guide of the organized group informed the rescue team that the rest of the components were shocked after what happened and that they could not walk down to a shelter, so it was decided to evacuate these 11 people by helicopter since they were not in conditions physical and mental and they were also of high age and the terrain was difficult to walk due to the existence of loose rock.

They were evacuated one by one to the place where the helicopter was located, which, in three trips, transported the entire group unharmed to the Panticosa heliport. The body of the deceased male was transferred by funeral services to the Jaca Hospital.

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