Argentina in Shock Due To Departure of Messi


The end of a 20-year history between Leo Messi and Barcelona had the impact of an earthquake in Argentina. Immediately, all the media dedicated their covers to him to review the most unexpected news and, in addition, speculate on the future of the captain of the blue and white team.

As if almost everyone acted by a conditioned reflex, symbolized in the image of Ángel Di María, Leandro Paredes and Neymar, most opinions were inclined to imagine Messi with the PSG jacket . “Will it be the new club?” Clarín wondered . There was no shortage of those who favored Manchester City.

Sports gatherings suddenly changed the subject of conversation. The stunned presenters were forced to talk about something that was not on the horizon. Everyone in Argentina believed that Messi’s renewal with Barcelona was just a formality. No one was in a position to draw conclusions from what had happened in front of the cameras.

For the sports newspaper Olé it has been a ” world bomb ” that marks the epilogue with Barcelona of ” a unique and undoubtedly unrepeatable legend .” Leo’s goodbye causes a kind of disbelief shared among other things because, beyond titles and hierarchies, Messi seemed to have achieved what no one of his stature had been able to achieve: to maintain throughout a career full of achievements a single color.

“It is hard to believe that it is the end of Messi in the place where he became the best player in the world and, for many, in history. The man who transformed, with an unforgettable team led by Pep Guardiola, a giant like the Barça “, added Olé .

According to the publication, there are still opaque aspects in the farewell account. “Barcelona blamed LaLiga for the non-agreement, although LaLiga told Olé that Barcelona does not meet the legal requirements at an economic level What will Leo say publicly after this?The reality is that neither the 10 nor its people ever fully confirmed the agreement, despite the fact that it was advanced, for fear of complications such as those that ended up happening. Will Barcelona resolve the issue urgently or will it definitely lose its idol, as announced? ”

“When it seemed that everything was a formality and only details remained to sign a new bond, Lionel Messi will no longer continue in Barcelona. This is how shocking,” the newspaper Page 12 reported .

For La Nación, the long soap opera took an ” unexpected turn .” Echoing some comments that circulated in Barcelona, ​​he considered that “Messi rejected the possibility of staying with a squad that was not competitive. He feels that he does not have enough players to fight for the Champions League. Even despite the recent incorporation of his friend Kun Agüero ” .

And it was Kun himself who monopolized the jokes on social networks . He had come to Barcelona to start a new football adventure with his partner since the 2008 Olympics. Suddenly he is alone.

But the loneliness that Agüero can feel is in part that of the Argentines who had learned to feel a certain emotional identification with Barcelona due to the fact that the great idol had become an essential part of the club. The culés t-shirts had become in that sense a common place in the parties of the children and the not so young ones. The school bags were, in many cases, Barça. Leo was Barcelona. Saying it in the past tense is something that will also cost in this part of the planet to accept.

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